Insights into Oversea Hybrid Learning: Unveiling Students’ Perspectives on Language Mastery, Digital Proficiency, Cultural Integration, Confidence Cultivation, and Motivational Learning

Hambalee Jehma, Weerapa Pongpanich, Supachai Saeeaw
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This qualitative study aimed to examine the perceptions of students participating in hybrid overseas courses through Zoom application and in-house face to face abroad regarding the development of language skills, digital literacies, cultural adaptation, confidence, and motivation. 96 students engaging in such courses were selected from a pool of 300 individuals using multiple-stage random sampling, with the effect and size of this selection process calculated using G*Power. The researcher utilized semi-structured interview questions, segmented into five distinct components, to delve into participants' perceptions. These interview items were theoretically crafted by the researcher to align with the context of Thai students. Before conducting the interviews, three experts in language education and educational technology evaluated the interview items using the Index of Item Objective Congruence (IOC). Subsequently, the researcher transcribed the interview recordings, facilitating the conversion of raw data into coherent, aggregated units (Coffey & Atkinson, 1996). This transcribed data underwent a coding process and was subsequently organized into overarching themes. The findings unveiled that the participants perceived their engagement in the hybrid courses as significantly beneficial. They considered these programs instrumental in fostering language development, enhancing digital literacy, facilitating adaptation to diverse cultures, and cultivating increased confidence and motivation.


Confidence, Culture, Digital literacies, Hybrid learning, Language development, Motivation, Zoom application

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Jehma, H., Pongpanich, W., & Saeeaw, S. (2024). Insights into oversea hybrid learning: Unveiling students’ perspectives on language mastery, digital proficiency, cultural integration, confidence cultivation, and motivational learning. International Journal of Technology in Education (IJTE), 7(3), 634-649.



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