Chatting with the Future: A Comprehensive Exploration of Parents’ Perspectives on Conversational AI Implementation in Children’s Education

Pauldy Cornelia Johanna Otermans, Stephanie Baines, Chelsea Livingstone, Monica Pereira, Dev Aditya
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Revolutionary technological advancements have introduced the integration of Conversational AI into a multitude of different settings. This widespread implementation has raised questions about the impact of AI on learning, its benefits are and its potential costs. This study aims to explore the perspectives of parents, investigating their confidence in allowing conversational AI tools to become part of children’s learning. The study analyses survey responses of 101 parents to investigate how they feel about this emerging tool. Our primary hypothesis was that parents would be overall positive toward implementing conversational AI into education. Secondly, it was hypothesised that alongside the positivity, parents would also show moderate apprehension to their children using conversational AI. Results showed most participants would allow their children to use these tools in confidence, and believed they will learn quicker with authentic information provided by AI and when educational apps have AI integrated in their systems. In conclusion, participants generally had a positive outlook on the potential impact of conversational AI on the future of their children’s education, in duality the study also finds a coinciding level of uncertainty and apprehension toward conversational AI is and its uses.


Conversational AI, AI in education, Parental perspectives, Learning, Technology

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Otermans, P.C.J., Baines, S., Pereira, M., Livingstone, C., & Aditya, D. (2024). Chatting with the future: A comprehensive exploration of parents’ perspectives on conversational AI implementation in children’s education. International Journal of Technology in Education (IJTE), 7(3), 573-586.



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